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23 Jul 2008, 23:20
actually harvardjanitor, your account gets deleted AND your cdkey gets banned for a month or so on the first offense. It's happened to me so i know
09 Jul 2008, 04:34
hey Ambush, if you're CD KEYS were banned, then they're banned forever. you can never play on those keys again.

if it was just ur account, you can play on ur keys, but never on those accounts again.
07 Jul 2008, 18:11
je veut un gars akked pour tuer du monde
05 Jul 2008, 01:32
noobs. whoever says this is a virus is right. the thing is, that is what these programs are and they are supposed to be viruses in order to work. that is part of their job. i don't need to explain myself any further. learn noobs.
21 Jun 2008, 11:15
12 Jun 2008, 01:01

Infected: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax.e 1

Infected: not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.AdBand.ab
09 Jun 2008, 22:41
No one try the file that WOW is offering. It claims to be a trade hack but really is a virus and possibly a key logger I am doing this to warn all who have it to get rid of it NOW!!!
05 Jun 2008, 16:06
e massa
28 May 2008, 08:38
17 May 2008, 12:57
You want a chance to take any item you've wanted? well now you can! I'm releasing
legacy's 1.11B version of Force trade hack(FTH) this hack will automatically make another users check mark green in trade screen
allowing you to take it with out their consent! this hack is undetectable and has been around for ages
works on all closed realms!

If you have any questions feel free to message me on AIM: Failurebikes14

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGxIG_7t7w

Download here:
12 May 2008, 13:21
guys please can anyone tell me if D2hack it work in 1.11b version in single player ??

04 May 2008, 11:41
I got banned for the first time.
Cd key's were banned, and account is closed. This is the first time ive been banned.
So. I have a few questions.
How long well i be banned for?
How long does my account stay closed?
How do i use the new Cd keys I bought?
30 Apr 2008, 01:22
Do you morons even know what HackIt does? If you want a good HackIt make your own packet editor, get the variables and your off. Hacking shit like a badass.
26 Mar 2008, 20:59
check this

23 Mar 2008, 07:00
why does multi client need ur account password and cd key?
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