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Diablo 2 Auradin Glitch
Forgotten Sands Exploit
Act5 In classic
Begginers Guide On How To Level Up
Glitch Rush Guide
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Holywaters God Mode Method
Invisible Trap Bug
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Level 1-80 in 2 hours
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Dupe method 1.11b
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No more real down! No more Ip ban!
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PK in Town
The Act 2 Minions Experience Glitch
Baal Quest Without Doing Ancients
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Dupe 1.11b
Dupe 1.11
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Gold Dupe v1
Gold Dupe v2
Golem rollback
Imbue Dupe
Ith method v1
Ith method v2
Convert player
Cow dupe
Sorc dupe v1
Sorc dupe v2
Prodigy one dupe
Rune dupe
Still account
Temp Perm
The lag dupe
The Wall Glitch
Tp rollback
Unsocket Method
Waypoint Dupe
Yay dupe

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| 1 | 2 | [3] |
16 Jul 2007, 16:31
Does anyone know how to kill the "Evil Forces" in Meph's Durance.

Follow the link to Arreat Summit:

Rem is right
05 Jul 2007, 05:17
Go rem,i was looking for the exact same thing,need more room.But why cant anyone on the game learn how to spell better then a second grader,please if your going to call each other names at least say it right.
02 Jul 2007, 09:53
English is a language, not a race, you schmuck. And if you're PhD student, good luck writing your final thesis with grammar like that.
26 Feb 2007, 17:41

you are f**king racist, classical know-everything idiot, arrogant and above all ignorant. First of all this game is not only for english speaking people, as Blizzard published the game in several languages. Second, I feel offended having been called a chimp while I am a f***ing PhD student and my command of english language is quite ok. Third, the english of the rest of the people is just fine becuase you can understand what they say. Forth, Fuck you! Finally, oh yes go f**k yourself little biatch!
01 Feb 2007, 02:42
Personally I'm disgusted by all of you.

Firstly, the majority of you have the spelling/grammatical abilities of a chimp.

Secondly, why the f**k do you guys want to cheat the game so bad? Isn't the fun in a game about trying to get the best items and gear in a legit fashion?

And just so you know, the only reason I came to this site was to find an extended stash mod, because I feel Blizzard didn't give us enough space in the chest.

Laters, faggots.

[P.S - I'm guessing that most of you are foreign, hence the terrible english. Either stick to your own f**king language, or don't play online games.]
05 Jan 2007, 08:17
uhm whre is the guide for bone wall + Meteor? i cant find it but i know it works =/
27 Dec 2006, 21:35
YES THE METEOR/Bonewall dupe works!
########################### Need a Dupe ? I can give you a Method: Search with google after Official Working dupe 1.11b 1st Site! it is still working Have fun :)) #####################################
15 Nov 2006, 01:43
27 Oct 2006, 08:15
anyone know when ladder reset is?
cause i herd is was late october but yah its way past that date
10 Aug 2006, 03:59
( . )( . )
02 Aug 2006, 00:37
So wat if were a nooby
i say back to u

nerds nerds nerds nerds losersss
no life
lol lol lol lol lol NOOB
24 Jul 2006, 07:06
FIRST OF ALL you are a dumb f**k i have been away from d2 for like 34 days on vacation u idiot and i didnt know it was patched dur...
re: noobs r so stupid
23 Jul 2006, 19:49
Yeah dude, nice try!
I know u r trying to trick some noobs into wasting their time on gmerc, but it has been patched!
Hahaha, sucker!!! U r either mean, or thinking maybe u could sell the rest of ur gmerc equip b4 everyone realised it's been patched!
You know what is more fun than tricking noobs?
Now i feel great, and u feel shit!
Who's the noob now?
noobs are so stupid......
22 Jul 2006, 05:22
lol, you all are dumb f**king noobs all those scams suck if u wanna scam some good shit then listen up

First of all you need a player then u need urself now this is what u do u get a g merc (2 dreams) or a dragon and a hoj then u charge ur g merc many times then u make it so ur g merc is out side of the camp area without the ather person seing him (wich is very easy) then u get the person to go out of the camp and u tell the person to drop a item so u can scan it or make up some shit story i say this : I need to scan your item to see if it is a dupe or not,so i need you to just drop it for like 2-3 seconds and let me scan it while im in the camp and your out of the camp so i cant tele or anything. that works about 98% of the time , then while the person drops it u HOSTILE THE PERSON and your VERY MUCH CHARGED g merc kills him then u run out there and grab thhe item, easy as that i have got theese items off this scam: Enigma,buged tal,anni's, many hr's,ik set , tal armor,2x ber'd coa, and ALOT MORE. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ THIS, THIS SCAM ATUALLY WORKS (keep this scam on the dl (down low) )
10 Jul 2006, 21:52
hi man!
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